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About LIB

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Takahashi founded this used car sales and car maintenance business in 1986. To effectively utilise the convenience of logistics and to aid in the development of Hamada Port, we have established our head office at “Hamada Port”, an international trading port, which began exporting used cars in 1997. Thanks to the support and patronage of many customers in the world, we were able to deliver over 200,000 Japanese used cars to the world in two decades. In 2005, we developed and began TUC NET (Trade Used Car NET) in order to inform the value of Japanese used cars to our global customers in a timely and accurate manner. Our TUC NET is “Provision of more detailed information”, which is supported by consumer. In 2008, we received the “New Business Grand Prize” award. We thank you all for the continued support for the business. Today, Japanese used cars are habitually used and highly appreciated all over the world. Our company will continue to strive to deliver high quality merchandise to respond to all our customer requests from all of you. Our services are delivered with precision and accuracy and we take pride in knowing that our cars are successfully delivered to you. We will continue to work hard on a global business that will connect all our customers and bring ‘Happiness for everyone’.

Katsuhiro Takahashi, President

Corporate Philosophy


Company history

  • March 4 ‘85
  • Established Tube Co., Began business of auto sales and repair.
  • June ‘97
  • Began to export used cars.
  • January ‘01
  • Began to export used cars to New Zealand.
  • February ‘02
  • Began to export used cars to Bangladesh.
  • April ‘06
  • Established liaison office in Vladivostok, Russia.
  • September ‘06
  • LIB Co., succeeded the trading business from Tube Co.,
  • December ‘06
  • Established commercial division. Began to export building materials (wooden interior door).
  • April ‘07
  • Completion of storage yards for cars (7.8 ha) in Hamada Port.
    Completion of the head office and the export cars acceptance inspection & pre-export car-inspecting place (Technical Center) in the yard of Hamada Port.
  • March ‘07
  • Began cargo loading and unloading operations
  • June ‘07
  • Began to export food.
  • Year 2007
  • Began port cargo handling service.
  • December ‘07
  • Began to export roofing tiles.
  • December ‘07
  • The number of exported cars reached 20,000. A total of 23,000 cars were exported.
  • May ‘08
  • Retail shop for Made-in-Japan children’s products, “BABY GOODS” opened. Assisted its opening. Began to export children’s products.
  • Year 2008
  • FAttracted Roll-on/Roll-off ship of FESCO company to the Hamada Port and began the services.
  • February ‘09
  • Acquired permission of the bonded warehouse at Hamada Port. Began management practice of the bonded warehouse.
  • March ‘09
  • Began to export toiletry and household goods.
  • August ‘09
  • Acquired permission of customs clearance business.Began customs clearance business.
  • October ‘09
  • Our Vladivostok office was entrusted with “Shimane Business Support Center” service from “Russia Trade Expansion Project Executive Committee at Hamada Port”.
  • November ‘09
  • Established a local specialties shop of Japanese products in Vladivostok.
  • March ‘10
  • Merged Tube Co.,
    Established certified automobile repair and maintenance factory
    Began automobile dismantling operation
    Began to export used car parts
    Awarded TUC NET
  • January ‘11
  • Exported locally grown rice
  • February ‘11
  • Project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, “Investigative Committee for the Advanced Logistics at Japanese Sea Area”, conducted a transportation trial.
    Transported Sekishu roofing tiles and external wall materials from Hamada Port through Vladivostok, and to the final destination, Moscow, by using the Trans-Siberian Railroad to experiment transportation to find out possibility of practical use as a commercial route.
  • April ‘11
  • Accepted provision of Japanese roofing tiles and roofing work for the Moscow housing development.
  • October ‘11
  • Constructed a tea ceremony house, which was roofed with Sekishu roofing tiles, in the St Petersburg Botanical Garden.
  • June ‘12
  • Accepted consignment of “Russian Trade Support Desk for Hamada Port” services, which is a consulting service of Japanese companies, from “Russia Trade Expansion Project Executive Committee at Hamada Port”.
  • June ‘12
  • FESCO Co., and LIB Co., signed an agreement for regular Ro-Ro ship services twice a month, in witness whereof the governor of Shimane prefecture.
  • January ‘16
  • Began to export used cars to Bangladesh
  • August ‘16
  • Began to export used cars to Australia
  • November ‘16
  • Established “L.I.B AUSTRALIA PTY LTD” as a local subsidiary in Australia.

Company information

Corporate Name L.I.B Corporation
Head Office Location 2135-8 Atsuta-cho Hamada, Shimane
Branches ・Tube branch (certified automobile repair and maintenance factory, automobile dismantling operation, recycle center, used car parts center)
・Russia, Vladivostok(Liaison Office: Shimane Russia Business Support Center, Russia Business Support Desk)
・Overseas Australia Local subsidiary
Establishment July 24 ‘06
Capital fund 19,900,000 JPY
Antique dealer permit Resona Bank other
Representative Representative Director Katsuhiro Takahashi
Business Type customs clearance business
automobile dismantling operation (certified factory)
Employees Japan (Hamada, etc) 00 name
Russia (Vladivostok) 00 name
Australia 00 name
The total of xxx(3/2017)
Annual Sales 00 billion yen (fiscal 2000, 0,)
Business Sales, export and import of automobiles
Sales, export and import of motorcycles
Repair and maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles
Export and import of automobile parts and accessories
Export and import of building materials, groceries, and household goods
Transportation and cargo handling service at the port
customs clearance business
automobile dismantling operation (certified factory)

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