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LIB exported products (example 1)

The business contents of LIB exports building materials, vegetables, fruit, daily necessities, cars, motor parts and sales of vehicles. Japanese products are highly known for its reliability. As the result, we will increase handling of many items more in future. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any interest for trading of Japanese products.

    • Pre-owned used cars and parts
    • Used cars, motorcycles, and boats.
    • Used construction equipment, agriculture machines.
    • Used auto parts.
      Bunper, doors, car audio, tires with wheels
    • Building materials
    • Exterior wall materials, Iwami tile, gutters, doors and Interior
    • Goods for children
    • Baby furniture, Indoor playground, toys and baby clothes
    • Food
    • Vegetables, furikake, fruits and dressing, rice and jam
    • Instant noodle
    • seaso nings (soy sauce, sauce)
    • Sweets (chewing gum candy soda jelly)
    • Instant coffee, drip coffee
    • Beverages (coffee, tea, juice, water)
    • Daily goods
    • Cosmetics, bath and toilet appliances
    • Handkerchief, wrapping, bags and accessories
    • Igusa products such as interior
    • tissue paper
    • Other
    • Flowers such as cherry blossoms, trees, fishing equipment, tents, camping equipment

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